The Imperial County Film Commission is responsible for permitting film, television, web and print production projects on properties throughout the County of Imperial. The Film Commission provides coordination and guidance for production on all public and private properties within the County of Imperial.

Imperial County government agencies and the Film Commission work hard to encourage film, TV and print production and to keep the permitting process simple and streamlined, while at the same time insuring public safety, minimizing public inconvenience and preserving the prevailing good will of Imperial County toward filming.

The permit process is customized for each project depending on its complexity. You are encouraged to include the film commission even on private properties so that experienced staff people can anticipate complications that might arise.

Following is the general permitting procedure:

Roundtable Meeting: IF NECESSARY - The Film Commission will schedule a Roundtable Meeting at which key production department heads, community agencies such a police, fire, sheriff, etc. and ICFC staff meet to review the project. Depending on the length and complexity of your project, the ICFC may schedule one meeting, or possibly a series of meetings, or if appropriate, the meeting MAY BE WAIVED.

Insurance Certificate: An industry standard one million-dollar general comprehensive insurance policy is required. A standard certificate of insurance naming the Imperial County Film Commission as additional insured must be on file at the ICFC office prior to your first day of production. You may fax or email a copy of this certificate. The contents of the "Certificate Holder" box must match exactly.

Film Registration Form: An Imperial County Film Commission Film Application must be completed, signed and returned to the ICFC. Please have a copy of your film registration with you on site at all times.

Location Liaison Services: Imperial County incorporated cities may vary in permitting requirements. The Imperial County Film Commission will work with local agencies and authorities to insure that all proper procedures are followed. Additional forms and procedures may be required. The Imperial County Film Commission serves as the permitting agency for the County of Imperial and other lands within. Federal, state, and private properties, as well as the 12 other incorporated and unincorporated cities within the county, have their own regulations and procedures for shooting. The ICFC can assist by serving as a liaison to these agencies as well.

Neighborhood Letter: A neighborhood letter of notification must be distributed in any community, residential or commercial, that is significantly impacted by any type of production. These fliers must be posted and distributed in a timely manner and should always include an ICFC contact and phone number. A copy of this letter must be on file at the ICFC prior to shooting.

Child Labor Laws: In the State of California all minors (under 18 years of age) must have a work permit and minors under the age of 16 must have a licensed studio teacher present on the set.

Finally, if your production includes "credits", a "Thank you to the Imperial County Film Commission" would be appreciated.