2017 Imperial Valley Film Festival & Artist Showcase

The Imperial Valley Film Festival & Artist Showcase is a juried exhibition of independent filmmakers' and artists' work. This year's festival will include a screening of films, industry panels, Q&As with working professionals, and an Artist Gallery. The Festival will showcase a wide range of film projects, including shorts, features, music videos, and documentaries created by students and independent filmmakers from throughout the world, with special emphasis given to those who live/lived, attend school, have local ties to, or work in Imperial County, Yuma and Mexicali.

See the North County Coalition for the Arts website for additional details!

Useful Info

The Imperial Valley is a diverse and rich collection of resources in the form of human power, infrastructure and economic development.

The climate is hot and dry, ranging form lows in the mid 30’s in January to highs of 110+ degrees in July and August.

Imperial County extends over 4,597 square miles bordering Mexico on the south, Riverside county to the north, San Diego county on the west, and Arizona on the east. The terrain varies from 235 feet below sea level at the Salton Sea to 4,548 feet at Blue Angel Peak.

(Courtesy of The Imperial Valley Press)