About Us

The Imperial County Film Commission (ICFC) is recognized by the California Film Commission as the official advocate for filming interests in our region. ICFC is also a member of the FLICS (Film Liaisons In California, Statewide.) A FLICS designation recognizes the staff of the ICFC for their knowledge of all issues that affect production in their area. The FLICS certification serves as a "Seal of Approval" to the film industry and assures film companies that a FLICS location representative understands the film business and will be able to capably assist their company’s on-location efforts.

Imperial County Film Commission offers its greatest resource in the form of a helping hand. ICFC was founded to facilitate business with incoming motion media companies and provide insight of our community’s resources, including human power, infrastructure and economic development. With local assistance and expertise, ICFC also acts as a gateway to efficient production and permitting processes, as well as a guide to services, talent and locations available in our community. 

ICFC invites you to consider the many resources Imperial Valley has to offer for your production.